Not the AA I know

I have been sober for over 30 years. I have never encounter the issues that you describe. I don’t have to do anything and AA do not force me to do anything. I don’t have to believe in anything eather. I only follow the path of successful people that has been sober for a long time. However I have a choice. The best thing that I got from AA is my ability to choose. That is real freedom. I don’t what AA are you talking about.
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Bob M.

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  1. bobm says:

    Dear Mark:
    I have been reading your site. I have to say that I found it very interesting. You articulate nicely about many things we discuss in AA. I can also identify with many of the things you discuss. I wish you could be here in Florida close to my group so we could have some coffee from time to time. Believe when I tell you, we don’t try to force anybody to do anything. We share what we have done and what is the result. People may follow or not as they wish. Our (at least my) job it to present a set of “tools” that I used to get an stay sober. People is free to accept it or not. Regardless, my friendship and support will always be there free of charge and with no strings attached.
    I happen to be active in service and sponsoring some men. I make suggestions but they are free to take them or not. It is their life so I don’t feel qualified to try to run anyone’s life.

  2. Mark Tuschel says:

    Bob, glad to hear that you have found benefit with the association. I appreciate you taking the time to voice your opinion. I wish you and all other AA proponents contentment in your continued sobriety.

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