What has alcohol ever done for YOU?

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That’s an odd question for me to ask, isn’t it? I know for fact that it’s gotten me drunk most of the time. I’m sure that it got me laid a lot too; however I’m also sure that I wasn’t at my peak performance abilities when those instances of getting laid while drunk occurred. I’ll admit that I had a lot of fun while I was drunk. I did a lot of wild things when I was drunk. I laughed a lot while I was drunk. I can recall most of the experiences but I just can’t seem to completely remember or appreciate all the experiences.

So for the most part, all alcohol ever did for me was get me drunk – all the other shit I did while I was drunk (the good and the bad), was my own doing and the bad stuff was completely my own fault. Alcohol influenced my thinking and behavior, making it a mitigating factor, but I was still the person doing and participating in whatever I did. Alcohol is not to blame, I am to blame.

So drinking alcohol never did anything productive for me or gave me anything, but not drinking has given me a lot. And now that I don’t drink, alcohol itself actually does give me a lot. How is that? I own stock in beer and alcohol companies – so alcohol pays ME dividends. Yup, every three months I get a check for other people drinking. The more people drink, the more profit the alcohol companies make, the higher my dividends. So alcohol pays me back – but that’s providing I don’t drink it.

Is that evil on my part? I don’t think so. I’m not anti-alcohol and I’m not against people drinking or getting drunk. My goal is NOT to talk people into following my way of life. My goals are:

  1. Keep myself sober
  2. Make my life the best that I can
  3. Share what I have learned about sobriety with those who are interested
  4. Earn a living by offering people something that is of value to THEM

I don’t hide from the fact that alcohol and drinking is a major part of our economy, our families and our society. I will not hide from society and isolate myself in a closed group. I want to participate and enjoy all social functions, go wherever I want and hang out wherever I want. I will not be governed by what a sponsor wants me to do or tells me where I can go. I will not relinquish my own decision making over to some organization. I will make my own choices and I will be responsible for my choices.

Making my own decisions requires me to think. I must pay attention to my own thoughts and feelings. I must pay attention to what environments I put myself in and what type of people I hang out with. Sometimes this means that I must forego certain people, places and events. But it’s not that big of a deal because most of the things that I forego wouldn’t be good for me anyway. Making good decisions – for myself – builds my pride and my self-esteem, which is then positive reinforcement towards continuing to live sober.

So back to the original question: What has alcohol ever done for YOU? Has it ever gotten you a job? Has it increased or improved your education? Has it earned you more money? Has it gotten you out of trouble? Maybe it got you INTO trouble? Maybe it helped you get pregnant when you weren’t planning on it? Maybe it helped you hook up with someone that was your perfect soul mate? (right…) Alcohol doesn’t actually do these things; it only assists YOU in doing them yourself.

But who knows? Maybe drinking has done some wonderful things for you? I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today had it not been for what I did yesterday. I currently I have over 6-1/2 years of sober yesterdays. And for you, maybe you’ll be in a better place tomorrow because you decided to live sober today.

If drinking alcohol hasn’t ever done anything good for you, try living sober for 30 days. What’s the worst that can happen? If you don’t like it, you can always go back to drinking and get more of the same results alcohol has given you in the past. The CHOICE is yours.

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  1. jasonnewell says:

    I’ve said this exact thing to several people over the years. Bravo and congratulations. The world is more beautiful without those “goggles”, huh? :)

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