So this is sobriety?

Yup, this is it. Just living a normal life, with all of the normal struggles, joys, successes and failures that come with it. Were you expecting more? Did someone tell you there would be more? Did someone tell you that all your problems would disappear?

Well they lied!

Sobriety may bring about the changes you hope and desire. You may rekindle relationships, marriages, families, friendships. You may get a better job, be looked at for advancement, make more money or get your financial struggles under control. You may end up living a happier life – but this is NOT guaranteed. The only way those things will happen is by you going through the effort to make them happen.

Sobriety is simply being SOBER.

  • Not self-introducing a substance into your body to alter your mood, view or perception of your own life.
  • Accepting all of your own quirks, likes, dislikes, desires, goals, problems and obstacles with a clear mind.
  • Being responsible and accountable for your own actions, reactions and behaviors.

Ooooh, so you’re called a dry drunk. So what? Whether you make amends, live amends, apologize to the world, turn your life over to a Higher Power, forgive yourself, forgive others, forgive your parents, forgive society, mentally cleanse yourself of your painful childhood, work on your psychological issues, work on your personality issues, your financial issues, develop a reward system, become responsible, become a better person, whatever,,, is completely independent of sobriety.

These things have NOTHING to do with your sobriety – it’s the reverse – your sobriety will enable you to address and (with cognitive effort on your behalf), hopefully accomplish these other things. You may accomplish them ALL, you may only get close, you may find that living sober really sucks, but you will be in a better position to undertake all of these other activities by having a clear, sober mind.

Let me ask you: Are you doing these activities because you are told to do them or are you doing them because you want to do them? When you live sober and your mind becomes clearer, you will be able to decide whether you even want to undertake any of these activities.

  • Goal #1 – Stay sober by NOT self-introducing alcohol into your system.
  • Goal #2 – Work on all the other shit.

Go ahead, find (and post), what you believe are flaws in my hypothesis. At least I got you to think.

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  1. bobm says:

    Sobriety allows me to choose what I want to do or not do. That is real freedom. I can choose to do good and enjoy the results or I can choose to do wrong and face the consequences without excuses. Ether way, it is my choice. A great benefit of sobriety.

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