You are welcome to disagree with me:

All posts and comments are “looked at” but very little is moderated. I invite you to say what you wish. Post questions if you wish. You are welcome to disagree with me, voice your opinion on various programs, philosophies, political and religious positions. I ask that you keep hate out of it – make your point in an intelligent fashion – even if your point is in strong opposition. Subjects and posts that are not permitted or that will be deleted include but are not limited to:

  • Sexual or racial slurs.
  • Posts that name specific private individuals. (You can say, “My wife, my husband, my neighbor, etc.)
  • Posts inferring personal knowledge or association with public figures – this includes me. (You can say, “I think Charlie Sheen is a,,, I feel that you are full of shit Mark and here’s why,,, etc.)
  • Anything that promotes a nonrelated business or website. (You can include links to recovery, sobriety and rehab sites.)
  • Anything that is a personal insult against a named private individual or former drunks in general. (This means you can’t write, “All you people suck and you’re all pathetic fucks,” etc.)

Go ahead and voice your opinion. Adult and strong language is okay, but please express a bit of decorum and common courtesy towards other readers and posters.

Thank you for being part of this,


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  1. bobm says:

    Dear Mark, thank you for this blog. I stumbled on it through a friend. I have to say that it has helped my love, patience and tolerance. I see many opinions with valid and not so valid points ( in my opinion ) and helped me to understand that we all not have the same ideas. It very important for me as a sober person, to learn to respect other people’s opinion. For me, it is better to understand to be understood.
    Best to you. An if you believe in God, may God Bless you and keep you safe.

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