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Hello world!

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Life does not ask us what we want. It never asked me what I wanted. We are just faced with a lot of options. We have the option to drink, take drugs, be a good partner, work hard, not steel, be faithful, not hurt someone, do good things and do bad things. We may do all the right things, make all the right choices, (at least what we think are the right choices) but shit doesn’t always go the way we want. That’s because so many other people are involved with our choices and react to our choices.

Whenever things in life didn’t go right, I always had the escape of alcohol. It never let me down. It was always there. Now I have to face life sober. How boring! I watch others get drunk and they seem to be having fun. They’re laughing, flirting, dancing, singing. Some days living sober really, really sucks!

How do you deal with these feelings? Sorry to say this but I find going to A.A. meetings is depressing and fake. Church just leaves me feeling upset and creates more questions. I am envious in a healthy way of those people that have unconditional faith in a God. I am envious of people that have a loving and caring spouse or partner to help.

I invite you to participate here. Share your thoughts, share your story. Let me hear from you. Let’s get this party started.

i agree with everything you say. your page actually helped me a little. im trying to quit because of several reasons. but im struggling. im addicted to alcohol xanax and nicotine. im a mess but i enjoy it. i dont get it. help me…..i know noone can help me but me….but im not sure i want to. although i have a feeling i will lose everything if i dont stop. very confusing
2008-01-03 01:07:19 GMT

bro u da shit. keep doing what you doing and dont look back.and yea. jus continue on and smile. peace out man !.
2008-06-03 01:25:47 GMT

you are right mark. 1 is never enough. with me enough is never enough. once you have tasted excess everything else tastes bland. im deep in the shit again. trying to fight it but losing. i dont think i will ever stop. i quess my question is.. even though it ruins my life. why do i still not WANT to quit ?? karl
2008-07-09 12:39:35 GMT

I agree with your angle Mark. It’s all a choice, just like everything in life. Booze crumbled my foundations but I CHOSE (finally) to take care of myself. It almost killed me. Seeing my friend weekly, who is a psychologist, is helping the cement to set and my foundations are getting stronger. I am damaged but repaired as best can be done, and the first thing I have to tell those that choose to stop drinking is that your body will thank you. It is the first reward I am experiencing.

On the downside, you bet I would love to pound a case of beer. I just remind myself of the jackass things that I did and all that I lost and that is plenty to keep me from going to party store. Sobriety does suck sometimes.

This site was helpful in that it shows you can get well without 12 step programs, they might work for some people and that is wonderful, but experiences like Mark’s gives evidence it really can be done and it gives me a boost of confidence. Thanks Mark!
–Chris R.
2008-09-30 06:14:33 GMT